Throughout my whole life I’ve always had the desire to create simple solutions to present day problems. I’ve always had the passion to want to apply myself and implement my innovations to redesign technologies and live by the method of working smarter, not harder.

At the age of 9 I began exploring what the world of IT had to offer ranging from scribbling masterpieces in Paint, to learning the impacts of deleting the core system files – I enjoyed it all.

During my high school years I better refined my abilities in the form of programming, this little talent of understanding the core concept of logic and its functions gained myself multiple awards during these years including three year level based awards for IT, as well as a placement in VITTA’s ICT Achievers program which placed the twenty selected year eleven students with a mentor that offered experience within a specific field of IT.

Finally, the past four years has allowed lead me down many different sectors of IT, I’ve developed my skills in programming with multiple different coding languages, found various different and complex security vulnerabilities with some of the world’s leading innovators in information technology as well as pushing myself to branch out and apply my solutions in the form of creating websites and programs to many different clients.


As of June, 2016 I’ve finished my studies and have a degree in Computer Science from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

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Security Researching

Below is the summary of Security Researcher Acknowledgements I’ve received over the years from various large corporations, you’ll also find a more elaborate documentation on my Achievements page about the type acknowledgements and the reasoning why Security Researching are important.

  • Microsoft Security Researcher Acknowledgement
  • Adobe Security Researcher Acknowledgement
  • Oracle Security Researcher Acknowledgement
  • Apple Security Researcher Acknowledgement
  • AT&T Bug Bounty Acknowledgement

VITTA ICT Achiever

During my year 11 in VCE I was fortunate enough to be nominated by my IT teacher for the VITTA ICT Achievers. The Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association (VITTA) serves an important role with influencing teaching strategies and consultations to educators within the IT sector.

The award I was presented was called the VITTA ICT Achiever and came with a cash prize as well as providing 2 weeks of industry based learning.

Operations Engineer / Afterhours Major Incident Manager | Datacom

My operations role provided real time monitoring of multiple client infrastructure systems as well as backup report delivery to both internal and external stakeholders. I had the responsibility of identifying critical alerts and escalating to technical teams in a timely reactive manner.

An extension of my role included the duties of coordinating major incidents outside of business between technical teams and ensuring that all relevant parties are being kept up to date on the status in a professional manner both written and verbally.

Service Desk Analyst Datacom

During my role as a Service Desk Analyst I supported multiple clients on behalf of my managed services provider employer. I offered level 1 and 2 troubleshooting support to end users and provided timely updates and quality information when having to escalate to higher level support teams.

After a few months within this role I was offered and extended my level of support to onsite desktop support to particular clients.

Web Developer Websight Cre8

Between 2013 to 2016 I managed a web solutions business located at The Jewel in St Kilda, Melbourne. Multitasking my studies as well as providing quality work to clients, it was here I further developed my skills for website design as well as becoming proficient in managing the behind the scenes processes which give a business online presence.

We offered a variety of services that included web design, SEO, online cloud storage and web hosting.

Storeman | Coles

Starting early in the work force I managed to get employed by Wesfarmers, working at Coles supermarkets as a Checkout Assistant. I later moved through many other departments to finally becoming the weekend Storeman. My  tasks involve opening the store in the early morning, receiving and unloading deliveries and product management.

Store Assistant Clark Rubber

During the time I spent at Clark Rubber I did basic tasks including vacuuming the store, cutting pieces of assorted rubber products to customer measurements, processing sales and answering the phone.

Coding / Scripting Languages

I’ve developed an extensive knowledge in a variety of coding and scripting languages to suit all needs in programming solutions. These languages include:

  • PowerShell
  • C / C++
  • Java
  • PHP / HTML / Javascript
  • Perl
  • Python
  • VB.Net